After team Orca was disqualified from DPC SEA, the team manager admitted that he has been behind the recent match-fixing incident. Team Orca played their last game against APEX, and this particular match was the reasonfor investigation. As a result, Orca was disqualified by the admins and permanently banned from all the events from Valve.

Recently, Gary Ng, Team Orca’s manager and, as it turned out, the creator of APEX team, made a post speaking of his role in the situation. He shared that because of an argument within the team, the original APEX roster broke down, and he made Orca players play under this tag as well. Later, when the questions started to arise, he forced the players to say that the difference in IPs of the used accounts happened only because of the VPN, rather than actual account switching.

Gary understands that he might have ruined the careers of both APEX and Orca players and ensures the community, they have not made any match-fixings in the past and now, simply trusted him to guide them, which he misused for his own good. Finally, the manager ended his post with a request to the orgs:

Please, do not punish them (players) for my own greed, give them a chance to redeem themselves, they are still young.