Valve's task at punishing Dota 2 smurfing accounts needs a lot of polishing still, the fans believe. One of the latest examples was brought to Reddit, when ex-pro Dominik "Black^" Reitmeier was complaining about his MMR hitting just 1 500 after the calibration, while he had ten matches played without a loss. Fans suggest that he used a low-ranked account and tried to help boost it for someone else. Otherwise, it would've been impossible for him to get a rank this low.

One of the users suggests that even for streamers, smurfing activities should be banned due to the smurf activity itself. What is more Black^, presents DPC as a commentator and therefore should keep the rules and regulations set by Valve in March 2021. Here is part of the ruleset that smurfers should particularly pay attention to:

We will primarily focus on new accounts created after today for which we have high confidence in their smurfing and game-ruining behavior. Moreover, we will also occasionally manually ban old pre-existing accounts that are clearly game-ruining. Furthermore, if you are found to be selling accounts, boosting or engaged in similar game ruining behaviors, your primary account may also be subject to a ban. To go along with this, we've recently increased our ban rate for boosters and purchased accounts.Β