The regular season for Chinese DPC tour 2 advances, and the next competing pair is Aster vs RNG. Winning odds and previous match history are covered below.

Aster had 3 wins in their last 5 matchups this DPC. The stats are pretty good, as they faced Xtreme, Magma, LBZS and had clear victories only (2:0). Even though they fell to EHOME in the last tour, chances are high they will defeat RNG in today's match. They've already guaranteed themselves staying in the top division, and now they still have their chances to qualify for the major. Aster are the following 5:

  • Xxs;
  • BoBoKa;
  • monet;
  • Ori;
  • Siamese.C

RNG are placed higher, as they've only lost one game this season. Vici, Magma and LBZS couldn't deliver anything meaningful against this roster. The team needs one more win to reach the major main stage, and they will surely give their best against Aster. As for today, the roster is:Β 

  • Somnus;
  • xNova;
  • CHalice;
  • Felixciaobao;
  • εœ£ε­εŽη‚Ό.

Aster vs RNG winning odds

Bookmakers believe teams are close enough with team powers. However, the match is in best-of-3 series, so there will be no draw. Aster have a tiny advantage as they've won their last encounter with RNG. Still, the outcome is hard to predict this time. The odds are:

  • Aster win β€” 1.83;
  • RNG win β€” 1.93;
  • Map total > 2.5 β€” 1.93;
  • Map total < 2.5 β€” 1β€€81β€€