The NA streamer Mason "mason" Venne did not support his fellow Dota 2 player in the conflict with Valve after the cancelation of the winter major. In fact, he roasted Quincy Crew midlaner Quinn "Quinn" Callahan saying that professional players do not deserve to get even a minimum wage per year.

I will never, ever, ever agree with this people, including Quinn, who talk about money and how much they deserve for playing pro Dota. You made a choice to play pro Dota when it gave you no money. Like, five years ago if you wanted to play pro Dota, dude, there was no money in it, other than winning TI. Literally no money in it. You come into Dota now, and you're like: "I'm a tier-2 player, and I haven't qualified for a single LAN, pay me $60,000 year, I wanna earn as much as the teacher". Absolutely not. Get a fucking job. Is that accurate? They should get even less than a minimum wage, what do they do all year? What, play Dota? Why do they deserve anything?
Mason "mason" Venne

Previously a number of Dota 2 personalities blamed Valve for poor management of the professional scene. The devs canceled the winter major just weeks after its supposed beginning, which left many players practically in debt after months of boot camps. Quinn was among the ones that expressed their dissatisfaction with Valve's methods, Quincy Crew midlaner was particularly poetic when describing the lack of communication with the devs.