Stockholm Major Dota 2 is not scarce of entertaining moments on and off stage. Accordingly, a lot of things happen behind the scenes and one of those was the discovery of an operator, looking just like a pro-gamer Amer "Miracle-" Al-Barkawi of the discipline. 

Since Miracle- himself is absent from the event due to Nigma collapsing during the 2nd DPC tour, fans quickly turned the situation into a meme, celebrating the unexpected "comeback" of the star player to the major. Soon, ESL's SirActionSlacks interviewed this Miracle's "duplicate". The operator's interview even climbed the top of Dota 2 subreddit. This brought the ex-operator an instant fame. This happened at a perfect timing, as he just recently quit his everyday job to focus on the freelance filimg for the esports scene.

The tweet above implies that this "new" Miracle made esports community curious about his works, some even called for ESL to sign him and turn him into a talisman of some sort. PresidentSlendy himself thanked SirActionSlacks for interviewing him and turning him into a star within just hours.