Dota 2 Stockholm major playoffs advance on 18th May, with competing sides Tundra and Thunder Awaken. We've present team forms and betting predictions hereby.

Tundra Esports are in their beast mode. They've won against Spirit, T1, BOOM, OG and Beastcoast in the last 5 days. They look good facing any composition of heroes. The same is expected in the match against Thunder Awaken. Tundra's roster is:

  • 33;
  • Nine;
  • Sneyking;
  • skiter;
  • Saksa

TA had a decent run too, with only one draw in the last 3 competition days. They've defeated BB Team, Spirit, Liquid and TSM. Thunder Awaken's lineup is unchanged, coming to the match against Tundra.

  • Matthew;
  • Darkmago;
  • Sacred;
  • Pakazs;
  • Pandaboo.

Tundra vs Thunder Awaken betting tips

Tundra have proven over the last 5 months that they are not afraid to go head to head with the top-tier Dota 2 teams both in and out of the WEU region. Playing TA should not be any different this time and experts have picked the potential winner, as you can guess from the odds, Tundra have higher chances to close down Thunder Awaken today:

  • Tundra win — 1.31;
  • TA win — 3.33
  • Map Total > 2.5 — 2.15;
  • Map Total < 2.5 — 1․67․