ESL One Dota 2 upper bracket playoffs are here, and we're going to have a closer look at the competing Spirit and Tundra teams' match history and winning odds.

Team Spirit suffered a defeat against Thunder Awaken in the tie-breaks, after winning against TSM and Liquid earlier on May 15. They simply should not have lost the focus, thinking that TA are a weaker team. Of course, they will not do the same mistakes against Tundra, as they know that the latter is one of the best ones in the region. Team Spirit has registered these names for today:

  • Miposhka;
  • Yatoro;
  • Mira;
  • Collapse.

Tundra Esports, the strongest team in WEU according to their form in Stockholm major, have a pretty good run with only one draw against BB Team and 4 victories from then on. BOOM, T1, OG and Beastcoast all lost to Tundra with a 0:2 score. Now it is time to shine once more within the match against TI10 winners. Tundra will compete with their usual roster:

  • Saksa;
  • 33;
  • Nine;
  • skiter;
  • Sneyking.

Tundra vs Spirit winning odds

Team Spirit have a wobbly run in this major. They've lost 3 times and won twice in the last 5 matches. Thus, bookmakers look towards Tundra's victory. The odds for the encounter are:Β 

  • Tundra win β€” 1.45
  • Spirit win β€” 2.67;
  • Map total >2.5 β€” 2.03;
  • Map total <2.5 β€” 1.75.