Stockholm major from Dota 2 proceeds, with the next match on May 13th taking place between Boom Esports and EG. Roster updates and match prediction is here to be explored.

BOOM Esports have a poor run with 3 draws in a row against BB Team, OG and beastcoast. Seems like they have lost nearly all the tools to shut down teams of this major, even though previously they seemed like one of the favorites. BOOM Esports compete today against EG in the following lineup:Β 

  • Yopaj;
  • Tims;
  • Fbz;
  • skem;
  • JaCkky.

EG did not have a good start either. They've lost to Tundra and T1, but looked better against TSM and QC earlier last month in their DPC league. The NA team registered these names for today:Β 

  • Arteezy;
  • Abed;
  • Nightfall;
  • JerAx;
  • Cr1t-.

EG vs BOOM prediction

Even though the SEA team had a troublesome start of the Stockholm major, analysts believe they have more chances to defeat the Geniuses, or at least, they'll surely end the match in a draw. Thus, the expectations are not high of EG, when they are competing against teams from other regions. The odds for the match are:

  • BOOM win β€” 2.62;
  • EG win β€” 4.08;
  • Draw β€” 1.92β€€