$500,000-prized Dota 2 Arlington Major came to it's end on Sunday, August 14th, and the CIS team showed the world once more that they are faithful to their names. A lesson to learn from the results is that early failures should not exclude the chance of taking the crown once more, and Spirit did everything needed to get the title of the winner.Β 

The Grand Final between PSG.LGD and Team Spirit turned out to be a recap of the previous The International. Spirit were more prepared for longer series and had a better grasp of the meta, while their opponents collapsed in the deciding game once again. Spirit took home $200,000 from the prize cash, while the runner-ups took $100,000. 3rd place was taken by Team Aster, who had lost to hours prior to the Grand Final in the Lower Bracket decisive match, with the score of 1:2.Β 

As a result, Team Spirit qualify for the upcoming TI11, along with PSG.LGD, Team Aster and OG, who respectively take 2nd to 4th slots at the major. Full list of the invited teams is available here.

Arlington Major ResultsSource: Liquipedia.net