After the misunderstanding surrounding DPC distribution points at PGL Arlington Major 2022, Valve came up with a new announcement, welcoming Fnatic to the International 2022 and saying goodbye to Outsiders. The news came from the official Dota 2 twitter.

Many of the fans were unhappy with the decision, as it came long after Outsiders celebrated their TI qualification and, arguably, lost motivation to keep playing the major. Still, the decision is final, as per Valve, and now the Russian team will have to play in the regional qualifiers.

Fans tried to understand the math between Fnatic/Outsiders qualification race. Now the truth is that Valve does not give partial DPC points and while ex-VP had 159.8 DPC points, it is rounded down to 159, automatically placing them below Fnatic. Whatever the organizer decides, it is the final thought to stick to, thus the doors are unfortunately closed for Outsiders in this case. 

The table of DPC points now looks like this:

Valves approach to Fnatic and Outsiders DPC points calculations whats next for teamsSource: DPC website