Arlington Major's second day is not over yet. The next matchup to spectate is Liquid vs Outsiders. Follow along for pre-match stats and betting tips.

Outsiders come to this match with 2 draws. They played with RNG and Fnatic. At least they did not fall to the Chinese giant. Ex-V.Pro now will play with the following 5:

  • RAMZES666;
  • Yamich;
  • DM;
  • gpk;
  • Xakoda.

Liquid started the run with a win against Soniqs and a draw against OG. It is kind of early to say that they are in a good run, but the match against Outsiders will bring more precise prediction. LIquid registered these players for today:

  • MiCKe;
  • Boxi;
  • iNSaNiA;
  • Blitz.

Outsiders vs Liquid betting tips

Teams haven't met in the past, although seems like the chances are equal. Bookmakers from agree that the draw is the most likely outcome. What is more, Liquid's chances for victory are more than that of the opponent. The odds, accordingly, are here:

  • Liquid  win — 2.60;
  • Outsiders win — 4.40;
  • Draw — 2․15․

Note that the odds may change in real time.