Rainbow 6 Siege European League advances with the next couple competing in the names of NAVI and PWNZ (ex-Team Empire). Match predictions and roster news are here to look at.

NAVI have previously overcome the obstacle of the best team by results. Heroic fell with the score of 7:2. Before that, the Ukrainian team did not have much success, suffering defeats from Darkzero and Spacestation. Today they have registered the same players to compete:

  • Kayak;
  • Thuunder;
  • Blurr;
  • Secretly;
  • Nathan.

After being arguably one of the best teams in the world, Team Empire had 3 matches and just one win over the last week. They were not effective enough against Rogue and lost with the score of 7:5. Before that, they had already lost to Heroic: 1:7 on the scoreboard. Seems like the folllowing roster should bring a better game plan onto the map, to remain in the tournaments' higher spots:

  • Scyther;
  • Amision;
  • Andreezy;
  • eXidySS;
  • JoyStiCK.

NAVI vs Team Empire (PWNZ) predictions

NAVI are the favorites of the clash. Last time they were able to defeat Heroic, which upscaled their confidence to step into this game in a more motivated way. The betting odds are the following:

  • NAVI win — 1.57;
  • Team Empire win — 2.26.