Riot's "Arcane" Netflix series earned 9 prizes at the 49th Annie Awards. The sudden success of the series at the end of 2021 was something that got even people with no interest in League of Legends to watch the show, and after that, many jumped into Riot's MOBA to test out Jinx's power.

Arcane took the Best General Audience Animated Television/Broadcast Production nomination first, and then the last episode got the titles for Outstanding Achievement for Character Animation, Outstanding Achievement for Directing, and Outstanding Achievement for Writing.

For voice acting, Ella Purnell was rewarded the badge of Outstanding Achievement for Voice Acting.ย Powder/Jinx impersonation through voice was done in an exceptional manner. Storyboarding, Production and Character Design awards also were taken by the animated series.

Fans are hopeful, the second season of Arcane will not be delayed, as the crowd enjoyed the debute from its first to the last minute.