Chinese government is known for its strict approach when it comes to gaming amongst children, and, why not, the grown ups. There have been some harsh measures taken to block the populations access to online games, especially in late hours of the day. 

Their behaviour, however, is not the same when it comes to esports titles. The country's educational institutions, including the higher ones, tend to make interesting offers for those who chose esports as their branch of study, and being an esports athlete is a decent career for anyone there. 

With the license approvals of 40+ game titles, Valorant is in the list to which the Chinese government have been "kind to". As a result, soon there could be new rising stars that weren't visible so far because of the strict regulations towards the discipline.

Moreover, Valorant Esports embraces the chance to show its capabilities in the Asian region with the upcoming Masters tournament to be held in Japan. It is expected that in international tournaments we might see slots for Chinese teams pf Valorant.