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Recharge and face the Madness itself
Get ready for a rampant frenzy! Play as one of four fun mercenaries and destroy anyone who gets in your way!
Never-ending action, constant battles, an incredibly large arsenal of weapons, elements of role-playing games and a cooperative mode for four players makes Borderlands turn your idea of real shooters on its head. You will play as a mercenary on the desert planet Pandora, where there are no laws or rules. You have only one goal: to find a warehouse with a powerful alien technology codenamed Shelter.
  • Role-playing shooter: a mixture of crazy action and character progression in the same way as in role-playing games.
  • Cooperative Meat Grinder: Play alone or as a foursome and become real maniacs!
  • Quantillion Guns: Beat the good out of your enemies with rocket-propelled shotguns, stun revolvers, submachine guns that release electric discharges, and many other weapons.
  • Radical Graphic style: A new visual style that combines the usual computer-generated rendering of models and hand-drawn textures. All in order to create a truly catchy picture.
  • Fierce battles on wheels: get behind the wheel and defeat the opponent driving around on his formidable tank.


THE ZOMBIE ISLAND OF DOCTOR NED: Take a look at the small town of Jacobs Cove, owned by the Jacobs Corporation, and by any means stop the rumors about the "risen dead". New levels, new tasks, new enemies!

MAD MOXXI'S UNDERDOME RIOT: celebrate the opening of the bank of Marcus with style: take part in the battles in the most famous gladiator arena of Pandora, from which few people come back alive.

THE SECRET ARMORY OF GENERAL KNOXX: Want to learn more about the world of Borderlands and collect more loot than you can use? In this addition, you will find new tasks, levels, cars, weapons and much more!

CLAPTRAP'S NEW ROBOT REVOLUTION: in this addition, you will have to fight with your former friends who decided to raise an uprising – with iron pieces.
Minimum system requirements for PC:

OS: Windows XP/Vista Processor: 2.4 Ghz or equivalent processor with SSE2 support Memory: 1GB System RAM (2GB recommended with Vista)...

all Borderlands system requirements...

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