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Borderlands 2

There is a new time in the spirit of "shoot-collect"! As a team with three Vault Hunters, face off against a whole world of critters, psychos, and the evil genius Handsome Jack. Make friends, equip them with guns from a giant arsenal and go with your teammates to fight shoulder to shoulder in search of revenge and atonement for sins in the uncharted territories of Pandora.

Key Features:

  • New faces: Our heroes are now Siren, Commando, Gunzerker and Assassin. Try out a new class of fighter called "Schizostrel" (Gunzerker). This big little man is so strong that he can easily handle any two guns at once. Do you want to pour lead on the enemy with a pair of heavy machine guns? No problem! Or maybe you prefer two grenade launchers? Easily! Two snipers? Not a question at all! Your tactics plus the firepower of Schizostrel-and the enemy has no chance to survive!

  • Dynamic online and online game play: have fun with your friends, teaming up on the Internet or on a local network. Connect to the campaign and exit it at any time, this will not prevent your friends from continuing the adventure β€” you will not need to restart the game. Not only that, you will be able to use all the purchased equipment in each new game!

  • What a story: This time, your stay in the world of Borderlands will begin with the fact that you will find yourself abandoned to death in the middle of the frozen tundra. It is necessary to find out who and why so cruelly treated you, to find the offender and, of course, to pour him on the first number. You will have to explore the possessions of the Hyperion Corporation and face a villain of universal scale β€” its director, known as Handsome Jack. (And yes, he stole the money for opening the Vault.)

  • An infinite number of ... everything: a unique system for creating game objects β€” an inexhaustible source of not only the most fantastic weapons, but also other equipment, including shields, grenades, alien artifacts... but you never know what! And don't forget about tons of all kinds of stuff from the original Borderlands!

  • To distant lands: Take an expedition through the unexplored areas of Pandora, which will surprise you with a variety of landscapes and landscapes. You will find frosty tundra, green meadows full of dangers and mysterious underground caves.

  • Interesting acquaintances: and how many previously unseen inhabitants of Pandora are looking forward to meeting you! Huge, looking like gorillas, Bullymongs, ruthless predatory crookshanks (Stalkers)and a whole army of Hyperion mechanoids, led by Handsome Jack β€” just a small fraction of all the unimaginable monsters that you will never be able to avoid. And I didn't really want to! Guns to battle!
Note: The Mac version of the game is only available in English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish.
Minimum system requirements for PC:

Minimum: OS: Windows XP SP3 Processor: 2.4 GHz Dual Core Processor Memory: 2 GB(XP)/ 2 GB(Vista) Hard Disk Space: 13...

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