EPL S15 advances, and the next competing pair of teams is Astralis vs EG. Follow along, for more data on team forms and match prediction.

Astralis' latest results show 3 wins out of possible 5, which is a stable result, considering the opponents' performances. The Danes have managed to beat Fnatic, ENCE and BIG, but then crumbled when facing FURIA and G2. Astralis compete with these players on their side: 

  • Xyp9x;

  • k0nfig;

  • gla1ve;

  • blameF;

  • Furlig.

EG need this tournament more than ever to bring some hope to their fans. As of now, the roster has a terrible 7-games losing streak, even though most of those matches happened before the reshuffle. However, the updated team are yet to prove themselves under the new tag as well. They have registered these players for the game against Astralis:

  • RUSH;
  • Brehze;
  • autimatic;
  • Stewie2K;
  • CeRq.

Astralis vs Evil Geniuses match prediction

The favorite of the match is the Danish side. They look more solid, and seems like the synergy is in its place. However, EG are not going to give up easily, as they truly need EPL to turn the things around for them. So the clean victory of Astralis is not that likely. Finally, let's see what are the odds for the clash:

  • Astralis Win — 1.4;
  • EG Win — 2.93;
  • Map Total >2.5  — 2.02;
  • Map Total <2.5 — 1.72.