ESL Pro League S15 advances with today's sides Complexity and AGO competing against each other. Winning odds and recent team results are below:

Complexity Gaming are in a good shape lately: they've won 3 out of 4 games this month, which means that they felt confident coming into the group stage of ESL. The first round, however, went not in their favor, as Heroic were superior that day. Now, COL are ready to get their first win. Here is Complexity's roster.

  • JT;
  • floppy;
  • FaNg;
  • Grim;
  • junior.

AGO showed good performance yesterday against NAVI. Polish players did not have a space to breathe on the first map of Dust2, losing to the EEU giants with the score of 16:1. But the other map, Mirage, took several overtimes to be over: the final score was 37:34. Chances were equal at first sight, but NAVI managed to close that down, advancing with the score of 2:0.  AGO's roster is:

  • F1KU;
  • Grashog;
  • kRaSnaL;
  • MWLKY;
  • ultimate

AGO vs COL winning odds

Complexity are the favorite heres. AGO showed their fighting spirit the day before, but they are apparently the weaker side in the D group. Bookmakers have made their predictions too, so here are the odds of the match:

  • COL Win —  1.3;
  • AGO Win — 3.49;
  • Map Total >2.5  — 2.43;
  • Map Total <2.5 — 1.52.