It's the end of the month, which means it is high time for CS:GO global rankings updates. March 28 brings just a handful of changes in the big picture, and now we are going to point out the winners and losers.

NAVI and FaZe are occupying the top 2 spots. The third place has now gone from G2 to Gambit, who gained enough points after the ESL Pro League Season 15 group stage.

Team Liquid, after being away from top-30 for a long time are now back in the list at the bottom of top 20. However, they did have unlucky matches recently, where members showed only the least of their abilities. Now, they have EPL groups in front of them to step their game up, because otherwise they might be eliminated from the top once again.

HLTV CSGO rankings Liquid are back in top20 Gambit return to top3

The list is yet to see some more changes, after the next round of ESL Pro League group matches kick off on March 30, so the next update after a week will not be the same, hopefully.