C9's CS:GO roster seems to have a hard time qualifying for important stages in top-tier tournaments after they won IEM Dallas 2022. In Cologne, Germany, they were eliminated from the ongoing IEM 1 million dollar event, with a loss to Team Liquid. H0bbit's team now will go into players' break, as there are no upcoming matches. C9's captain Vladislav "nafany" Gorshkov talked to Freya Spiers in a post-match interview, criticizing himself for the team's bad performance.

We played really awful today, and yesterday as well. Sure, it is a couple of things why we are not playing how we can play. But if someone wants to find someone to blame, it is obviously me because I played awful both series, against Astralis and Liquid. I ruined this tournament for my team.

C9 lacked firepower from nafany and H0bbit, while Ax1le, interz and Sh1ro were doing their best to keep the series going. However the horrible 1-23 K-D from nafany cost them a devastating loss.