American RMR for PGL Antwerp Major goes on, and the first pair competing today are MIBR and FURIA. Let's see what the SA teams offer in-game, and which one will be eligible to participate in CS:GO Major with a legend status.

MIBR are performing well this season. They have been looking strong at the EL Pro League Season 15. However, they fell to more experienced teams in later stages of the event. They had a flawless run in the RMR, and now are looking to claim that sweet first place. MIBR have the following lineup today:ย 

  • exit;
  • chelo;
  • WOOD7;
  • Tuurtle;
  • JOTA.

FURIA, another team from Brazil, had enough success in the ongoing RMR as they swept past Complexity Gaming as well as Leviathan. Previously the team reached to the playoffs of ESL Pro League but were stopped by FaZe on their way. FURIA perform with these players available:ย 

  • KSCercato;
  • yuurih;
  • saffee;
  • arT;
  • drop.

MIBR vs FURIA Esports winning odds

MIBR are the underdogs. They might be good playing at home against other teams from Brazil and NA, but they lack experience playing against top-tier opponents. FURIA is their enemy, and at some point of time these players were as close to the #1 spot in the world as it gets. The gap in odds already tells that better, so let's see what are the chances of victory for both:ย 

  • FURIA โ€” 1.12;
  • MIBR win โ€” 5.65;
  • Map total > 2.5 โ€” 2.9;
  • Map total < 2..5 โ€” 1โ€ค38โ€ค