Lower-tier teams often shuffle their rosters, sometimes the players can be switching their teams basically every month or so. However, the most peculiar thing happened just recently in the ESL Challenger League. One of the playing teams, Strife, have kicked their player Cxzi in-between the maps of the best-of-3 series.

Strife were playing against FURIA. After losing the first map, the team announced that Cxzi was kicked from the roster. He was immediately replaced by AAustiN. But this did not help Strife either. They've lost the next game on Dust2 with a score of 6:16.

After Cxzi officially is gone, AAustiN is not the one to fill in his place in the main roster. D4rtyMontana will be the 5th player instead. He had experience playing with Strife at Mythic Winter Cup at the start of 2022. There is also a possibility that Cxzi will end his career after leaving Strife.