Esports journalist Richard Lewis gave an update upon the list of 27 coaches that had their part in the coaching bug scandal in CS:GO. Using a spectator camera they were able to float around the map ruining the competitive integrity of the game.

I have seen videos that are not available for the public, in which the famous coaches were clearly using a bug. I saw it with my own eyes. They have activated this bug with skyboxes and moved the mouse at the same time. Or maybe someone moved their mouse, it’s up to them to explain who it was.

So I’m guessing there’s a large number of coaches who haven’t been caught yet.

Later on, Lewis pointed out there are 27 such trainers that went unnoticed and didn't get their punishments. Most importantly, some of them are well-known in the scene, as per the journalist.

The coaching bug investigation started in 2020, when ESIC had to blacklist 37 coaches over the spectator camera abuse.