The weekend was full of interesting matches that were decisive in the fates of CS:GO ESL Pro League Season 15 participants. As FaZe, and Vitality came into the weekend with equal losses and wins experienced earlier in the group stage, it was the Sunday matches that finalized the list of advancing teams.

FaZe met FURIA esports. Playing 3 maps, FaZe managed to stop FURIA's win streak in the league. On the other side of the group play, Vitality were stronger than, now known as Outsiders. The roster had to switch the nametag, as ESL decided to ban Russian teams from the events due to the Ukraine crisis. The game itself had no tournement meaning at all, since both clubs are now out of the event.

As a conclusion, Group B sees the trio of ENCE, FaZe and FURIA moving forward into the playoffs of the league. C group teams start their matches from March 23.

Virtuspro and Vitality are out of EPL Season 15Source: Liquipedia