Oleksandr "S1mple" Kostyliev sat down with HLTV to discuss some of the team problems, the future and the focus on the ongoing BLAST Premier World Final. 

Starting from the CS:GO update,  S1mple said that he prefers the 30 bullet M4 and that if you still aim at the head it makes no difference which model you use. For the AWP nerf, he said it could be fine especially if you can do some wallbangs at the start of the rounds. 

Secondly, S1mple praised the academy player Andrey "npl" Kukharsky, who would be the substitute player for either sdy or b1t. Comparing him with "b1t", S1mple added that npl's understanding of the game is better.

Lastly, the AWPer opened up about the conflict with sdy on the previous, BLAST Premier Fall Final tournament. 

It's not about his ability as IGL, it's because of losing and doing the same mistakes all the time. When you do a mistake once or twice you already discuss this, but when it happens five or six times, it's actually very sad.

At the last BLAST there was some emotion towards sdy. I always believed that for three or four months that we need to keep sdy because he can play better. From a camera perspective, it looks like I hate this guy and I want to remove him, but it was never true.  The organization needs to decide how we want to play our next season [with or without sdy] because we still don't understand 100%. 

NAVI's first match in the group stage of BLAST World Final will be against Vitality. Tournament details can be found here.