DPC EEU continues with the next pair competing in the names of Outsiders (Virtus.pro) and CIS Rejects. Roster updates and winning odds are shown hereby.

The current Outsiders roster had a hard time playing in the previous season after the post TI10 reshuffle. The team that seemed like an absolute powerhouse of the region eventually dropped down and had to fight for the 3rd place in the end. Since then, they've also had to agree on even more roster changes which did not seem like an empowering ones. On the other hand, the restarted DPC EEU is a good chance to prove themselves and gain one of the major slots this time. Outsiders compete with these players in the lineup: 

  • Yamich;
  • DM;
  • gpk;
  • Xakoda;
  • Pure.

Rejects come to this match with a roster change. Matvey "MieRo" Vasyunin replaces a milti-times major champion Pavel "9pasha" Khvastunov, who earned his rest after qualifying for the top division last season. Thus, it might be a little difficult at the beginning to find the right synergy. CIS Rejects now are these: 

  • fng;
  • RAMZES666;
  • RodjER;
  • MieRo;
  • depressed kid.

Outsiders vs CIS Rejects winning odds

Bookmakers think that Virtus.Pro (Outsiders) have higher chances to defeat the enemy. That is because one of the key members of CIS Rejects' sucess is missing, but hopefully the substitute will do the job at his best. The winning odds are here: 

  • Outsiders win —  1.55;
  • CIS Rejects win — 2.38;
  • Map Total — 1.98;
  • Map Total — 1.77․