DPC SEA advances with March 14th encounter of BOOM Esports and T1. We've covered roster updates and betting tips below.

BOOM are one of the top teams this season. They had 3 wins out of last 4 games played, and they have already defeated T1 on their way back in season 1 playoffs.  Surprisingly, they were not able to defeat NGX SEA last month, but later on they've managed to recover and now are looking as good as ever. Today BOOM line up with the following members: 

  • Tims;
  • skem;
  • Fbz;
  • JaCkky;
  • Yopaj.

T1 show good results in the second tour of DPC SEA. They had 1 loss in the last 5 matches, and now are only 1 win behind Fnatic who have already gotten their major slot. T1 also had the right tools to close down Nigma Galaxy, unlike their current opponents BOOM. The roster for T1 this time is: 

  • Kuku;
  • Xepher;
  • Gabbi;
  • Karl;
  • Whitemon.

BOOM vs T1 betting tips

T1 are the underdogs. That's because BOOM have mostly been dominant in the matchups against top teams of the region. However, it won't be easy for BOOM to finish the match in the opening 2 maps, so they have to work hard and come up with the right counter picks. T1 surely have some extra motivation, as this win might get them through to the major. The odds are as follows: 

  • BOOM win — 1.46;
  • T1 win — 2.63;
  • Map total > 2.5 — 1.96;
  • Map total < 2..5 — 1․79․