Fnatic and SMG are facing each other today for Dota Pro Circuit SEA Tour 2. We present the updated rosters of teams along with the match prediction.

Fnatic had 4 consecituve wins this season of DPC. They are one of the top teams of the tournament and fans think that they will stay on top for the rest of the season. Fnatic play with these registered names:

  • DJ;
  • Raven;
  • Jabz;
  • Armel;
  • Januel.

SMG did not have enough success as for the recent month. They had just 3 wins, falling to T1 and NGX SEA during the regular season. The team is still behind Fnatic on the ranking table, so it will be a huge boost if they manage to win with the following roster:

  • Bimmbo;
  • MidOne;
  • ninjaboogie;
  • Moon;
  • Ahfu.

 Fnatic vs Team SMG prediction

Fnatic are the favorites of the match. They know, that the opponent is weaker, but hopefully they will not lose the focus even in one map. So the probability is high that they will close SMG down in the first 2 maps. The odds are:

  • Fnatic win — 1․35;
  • SMG win — 3․08;
  • Map total > 2.5 — 2․11;
  • Map total < 2..5 — 1․68․