carry Roman "RAMZES666" Kushnarev recently gave an interview to the portal, talking about his current form, level differences in Dota 2 esports regions, and picked his favorites for the upcoming PGL Arlington Major.

The player said that for now he is in a good shape. It won't be fair to call it his "best" shape, but the whole roster trains hard to gain better results. However, he accepted that now he's having his best results streak ever since Covid-19 breakout.

Speaking on his favorite teams to win the Major, RAMZES666 noted that he likes the playstyle of Royal Never Give Up, as well as Tundra Esports. The latter trailed badly in the most recent Riyadh Masters tournament, but overall had a good DPC year in the Western Europe region. Another decent candidate is Evil Geniuses, which has a lot of individually skilled players.Β 

Ranking the most dangerous opponents of the PGL Arlington Major, Roman said that all of the regions show similar results, even China, which plays on the same level as others, despite many fans thinking otherwise. Talking about OG, he said that their roster did not impress him this much, since they've won the major that lacked Chinese teams and many other potent opponents.

Concluding the things up, RAMZES666 said that his current plan is to make to the International 11 with Virtus.Pro, as he is confident is his abilities. The motto "Who esle if not me?" helped him not to give up amidst the unlucky season, and the player wants to deliver more for his current club.