The second matchday of Dota 2 major will come to its end with the clash of Aster and Team Spirit. Let's have a look at the updated rosters and predictions below.

Team Aster had 3 matches so far, winning 2 of them and ending one in a draw. They were able to stop EG and Entity, but NAVI managed to take one of the 2 maps in the latest encounter. Now Aster will play with the following 5:

  • Xxs;
  • BoBoKa;
  • monet;
  • Ori;
  • Siamese.C

Spirit come to this match with a win against Beastcoast and Tundra. Later on they faced EG, which was not quite in form to defeat the CIS team as well. Spirit's lineup today is: 

  • Yatoro;
  • Mira;
  • Miposhka;
  • Collapse

Team Aster vs Team Spirit prediction

Teams haven't met in the past year yet, so this is a test for both sides. Experts from predict that Spirit are the favorites, though. And here are the odds for today's match:

  • Spirit win — 2.70;
  • Team Aster win — 4.00;
  • Draw — 2.15․

Note that the odds may change in real time.