Six Jonkoping Major 2022 advances with the next match taking place  between FaZe Clan and Team Liquid. Here we have the prediction and roster changes for the event.

Team Liquid are in a slight advantage thanks to the recent results. They were better than Heroic and SBG in the past matchups, however, too unlucky against TSM 2 days ago. FaZe could be an easier opponent, as stats show. Liquid have presented the following players for the match:

  • nesk;
  • Paluh;
  • AsK;
  • resetz;
  • Lagonis.

FaZe's recent results include a victory against Mirage and Wolves Esports, before hath they had lost to the other, Dire Wolves. Now all depends on their focus and preparation. FaZe's lineup is: 

  • Astro;
  • Soulz1;
  • Bullet1;
  • Cameram4n;
  • Cyber.

Liquid vs FaZe betting tips .

Tams met in the past 3 times. All of the matches ended in Liquid's victory. What is more, over time their dominance is progressively growing over time. suggests the following odds for the clash, believing more in Liquid's victory once again:

Please note that the odds may change in real time.