Just several hours are left before stepping into a new competitive year. For that occasion, Esports Charts have gathered interesting statistics about the most popular esports teams of the passing year.

Top 1 of the chart is T1 Esports. They had been extremely popular since 2021 and on.  The top-2 team of LCK kept their heads high to reach to the finals of Worlds 2022. They had peak viewers of 5,147,701. On peak, their important matches brought 112,93 million hours watched.

Second placegoes to RRQ Hoshi, who have seen an increase in the viewership stats since 2021. They have generated 2.845.364 peak viewers. This is an Indonesian club with Mobile Legends Bang Bang team. The majority of veiws for them came from international MLBB tournaments, with 88.2 million hours watched.

Third in the list are the Ukrainian esports club NAVI. The Born to Win had peak viewers of 2.113.630 at PGL Antwerp Major. They also have teams from mobile disciplines, such as PUBG Mobile, but the majority of views comes from the internationally popular CS:GO team.

Top 10 also includes Worlds 2022 winners DRX, BLAST Premier World Final winners G2 and PGL Antwerp Major winner FaZe Clan. Here are the detailed stats as presented by Esports Charts