December 7th, 2022 marks the release of the latest patch of the year, making a way for the upcoming competitive year, where players will also enjoy a totally new ranked mode system.  Now it is time to see what the patch notes mean in reality for the system, the champs and the items of League.

The thorough reworks have hit Dr. Mundo and Zeri most. Those were the decent picks in the official matches throughout the year and Riot decided to make players learn new tactics of playing them, even with more ease. Maybe there were some misunderstandings in the past regarding the usage of Mundos W, but now it should make sense in the new year. Buffing Zeri was also done on purpose. She is a relatively new champ and thus she should be played more, like any other character debuting in competitive titles.

As rumored by insiders, ARAM mode will have huge changes with patch 12.23. Most importantly, the map will look a bit different with Frostgates and their teleporting option.  And the bridge now looks a little wider, with the ability to crash down towers.

Moreover, the new patch brings the Winterblessed skinline back to the store, with a frosty-fresh look on:

  • Diana;
  • Shaco;
  • Swain;
  • Warwick;
  • Zoe;
  • Zilean.

To learn more on the detailed changes, head to the official patch page.