CEO of Riot Games Nikolo Laurent recently made a juicy announcement, which has made League and Valorant fans excited. 

According to the announcement, the approved budget for Riot's operations on its esports titles (and not only) is an all-time-great digit for the org. N. Laurent says that the company aims to double up the projects, as there are now over 4000 workers within Riot, 500 of which work directly for League of Legends. When Riot first started League, there were only 30-40 people 13 years ago. Nicolo thinks that another 13 years would make Riot products acceptable for all the generations. As a result, they want parents let children play their games. 

Earlier Rio was looking for game designers, to work on soon-to-be-released console shooter. Insiders claim that it could be the Xbox/PlayStation version of Valorant.