League of Legends' lore had an update recently. The game got a story comic featuring Graves, Twisted Fate and others. The story comes in several pages. It tells the lore of Bilgewater shipping warehouses where Twisted Fate and Graves start their path with duelling conversations. You can read the whole thing in the Unverse website.

Apart from this, the PBE client users got a glimpse of what 12.11 patch will bring to the game. It features the release of the new champion β€” Bel'Veth. Moreover, there are champion adjustments, buffs and nerfs. Particularly, the adjustments are:

  • Mana Growth: 37 β‡’ 52
  • Health Growth: 112 β‡’ 106
  • Passive Max. Value Threshold: 22.5% β‡’ 30%
  • Q Base Damage: 60-260 β‡’ 70-270
  • Q Min. Cooldown: 3s β‡’ 2.5s
  • W Cooldown: 16-10 β‡’ 16-12
  • R Armor/MR: 10-40 β‡’ 10-30
  • W Damage blocked threshold for Passive now matches W base shield

Champion nerfs will also hit Wukong, Master Yi, Swain, Gwen, Brand, Kog'Maw, Senna, Veigar, Regnar and others. Buffs are given to Xin Zhao, Nunu, Ryze, Taric, Rakan, Samira, Caitlyn, Aphelios, Lee Sin, Tryndamere etc.