DPC EEU advances with April 28th match between PuckChamp and Mind Games. Let's look at how these teams face each other.

Even though PuckChamp finished 4th in the DPC EEU Tour 1 playoffs, they seemed like one of the better teams during the regular season. In fact, the team only lost to Spirit, finishing second within the event. Tour 2 playoffs are the perfect chance to remember good old days. Even though the team started with a loss to their kryptonite Team Spirit, now they are in a good spot to start a new winning streak. PuckChamp will compete today with the following lineup:

  • Krylat;
  • young G;
  • Malik;
  • Astral;
  • Dukalis.

Mind Games were far below the level of PuckChamp in the previous season. They barely survived in the Div1 by the end of the season, and have not been looking great ever since then. With 2 substitutes on their list, Mind Games look like this: 

  • Dinozavrik;
  • Ainkrad;
  • Petushara;
  • Bignum;
  • Slayer.

Mind Games vs PuckChamp winning odds

Analysts have chosen the favorite: PuckChamp is the better side in this clash. Even with both teams having little playtime prior to the late start of DPC EEU, PuckChamp are definitely superior here. The odds for the match are:

  • PuckChamp win —  1.25;
  • Mind Games win — 3.77;
  • Map Total — 2.25;
  • Map Total — 1.6․