CS:GO caster Chad "SPUNJ" Burchill sat down with Dexerto to discuss his career in esports as a player, desk host and analyst. Chad has been in the industry for more than 12 years now. HIs earliest days on the pro Counter Strike scene started within the Oceania region, with Sydney Underground team. It was in year 2008 that esports was being broadcasted on TV channels, and the community members had to be both entertainers and competitive players, so Burchill was one of the first to get attention of orgs.

SPUNJ's talent and the growing experience eventually paid off. He won the Australian Cyber Gamer Premier League with VOX Eminor in 2013, after which he joined Renegades in 2015, finishing as the runner-up or placing 3rd in a couple of Intel Extreme Masters Series. He finished the career in the same club in 2016.

Speaking about those early days at Renegades, SPUNJ remembers that he was quite stressed out, playing in a foreign country, having basically to stay in a casino hotel for a whole season and at the same time trying to overcome losses on stage, not to mention yet his personal life.

The promotion to desk host was the next step in esports for SPUNJ. He was discussing matches with such faces as Thorin, Machine, Henry and others. At this time, "everything seemed fun until that pandemic came forth."

ESL acted evil and we, just 3 people, had to do it all: casting, interview, desk analysis... This was more a necessity. On the other hand. I like casting a lot more. It is more difficult in my opinion.

For his current plans, SPUNJ has decided to keep casting "as long as gigs go". However, day by day, many tournaments are cancelled or rescheduled. Thus, it is yet to be clarified, where we will see SPUNJ cast in his unique style.