Rainbow 6 Siege European League advances with the next pair playing in the names of Rogue vs Virtus.Pro (Outsiders). Below you can find pre-match stats and prediction. 

Outsiders come to this match with 3 wins and 4 losses in the first stage of the season. They are 9 points behind the current leaders, Heroic, who have already qialified for the Six Major. On the other hand, the team still has two games to change the things around. Outsiders are: 

  • FMX;
  • m1loN;
  • p4sh4;
  • Rask;
  • SmashByAsh.

Rogue had 5 wins and 2 losses so far. They are the 2nd in the group, but still haven't guaranteed themselves a place in the major. Lately, they've lost to MnM gaming in a tough matchup. However, Rogue are still the favorites here with the following lineup:

  • ripz;
  • LeonGids;
  • Cryn;
  • Deapek;
  • Kantoraketti.

Rogue vs Outsiders match prediction

Rogue have better form. Even though teams haven't met each other for a long time, there is an obvious difference in to which opponents they've lost, and against whom they've succeeded. The odds of victory are the following:

  • Rogue win — 1.55;
  • Outsiders win — 2.3.